Easy going, tattooed kiwi ready to ignite any party occasion with humour, fun and second to none waitressing and show skills. With Award winning shows across Australia, I'm sure to blow ya socks off with any of my shows tailored to suit... All shows are dominatrix theme unless specified. Choose between: 👩‍🎨School girl 👩‍⚕️Nurse 👮Cop 👧Maid 👩‍🔧Tradie 💃Sexy lingerie 👮Sailor 🤸Sports girl ( perfect for footy season) 🐉Dragon (extra fire included) 💥 👩‍💼Mafia ( for xxx shows only) $400 Hot cream 12-17 mins ✖️Strip tease ✖️crowd interaction ✖️Fire, wax & cream ✖️Whipping & humiliation if requested $450 Deluxe Hot Cream 20 mins - all of the above with wash down finale $500 pearl show 20 mins - 10 meters of pearls show plus all of the above $600 Pearls Vibrators & Cream 25 mins - ( plus all of the above) $700 XXX Works 35 mins - with all of the above also including Fruit & Veg (carrots🥕, cucumbers🥒 & bananas 🍌 $900 XXX works plus fisting. 💦 30 mins - with all of the above also including Fruit & Veg (carrots, cucumbers & bananas) $1000 XXX Greek Works with Fisting 😎😮 40 mins with all of the above plus anal play and fisting

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Services provided



  • Hot Cream
  • Deluxe Hot Cream
  • Pearl Show
  • Vibe Show
  • PVC
  • XXX Works
  • XXX Fisting & Squirting Show
  • XXX Greek Fisting Works Show
  • Deluxe XXX Works
  • XXX Greek Show
  • Duo Hot Cream Show
  • Duo XXX Show


  • Topless
  • Nude